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Round Lake Village

Visit the Round Lake village website to find updated meeting dates, agendas, community information and more. You can also sign up for the village newsletter and receive email alerts, make payments, or directly contact village staff.

Election Day

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Are you registered to vote? You can use this website to register online or check to see if you are already registered. Click the link below to visit the Illinois Online Voter Registration Application Website to register or check your status. 

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Round Lake Board

It's important to know how to contact your local government officials. We elect our trustees and mayor to serve our community and make decisions in the best interests of our residents, taxpayers, business owners, and surrounding community.

Together We Can Change the Face of Local Government in Round Lake

Round Lake

Hands Up

Join the Round Lake Forward Facebook Group to discuss future elections and focus on local Round Lake government, residents, and businesses. Together we can honor our past, collaborate in the present, and build a better future.

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Trustee Carolina Schottland
Trustee Mark Amann
Trustee Sergio Rodriguez
Kevin Strine
Brian Brubaker

The Village of Round Lake Board consists of six trustees, one mayor, and a village clerk. The village clerk does not have voting power. 

There was no candidate for Village Clerk in April 2023 and a resolution to change the position to appointed rather than elected failed. 

The next round of Village Board elections will take place in Spring 2025 where the following positions will be up for re-election:

Village Trustee (Full 4 year Term)

Village Trustee (Full 4 year Term)

Village Mayor

Kevin Strine and Brian Brubaker were the Village Trustees elected in April 2023 to fill unexpired 2 year terms. Their seats will be up for election in 2025. Mayor Kraly was elected in April 2021, putting his seat on the ballot in spring 2025 as well. 

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Here's How the Trustees Voted on the Ski Hill Issue:

Trustee Amann---No

Trustee Foy--Yes

Trustee Law--Yes

Trustee Patel--No

Trustee Rodriguez--No

Trustee Schottland--No

It is also important to note that the mayor only votes in case of a tie among the trustees. In terms of the Ski Hill issue, it was well documented that Mayor Kraly was very supportive of the proposal, and of businessman Dan Powell. Although he did not cast an official vote on September 19, it is possible he would have voted in favor of the project.
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